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영어로 쓴 The Dark Knight Rises 감상문

그저께 “The Dark Knight Rises”를 아이맥스로 감상했다. 전작보다 실망스러운 작품이라 특별히 리뷰를 쓰지 않을 생각이었는데 영작 연습 사이트에 글 쓸 주제를 찾다보니 결국 리뷰를 쓰게 됐다.(그것도 영어로!) 원어민의 도움으로 수정된 글을 여기에 (귀찮아서) 재번역 없이 올려둔다. 

I saw “The Dark Knight Rises” the day before yesterday. I concluded that the movie has been somewhat overvalued. The film surely is a great movie for entertainment purposes. Once you, however, try to read some metaphors being reflected from the real world, you would have difficulties with the work because the points of view of the director are not so profound and are shallow. Although Christopher Nolan currently is one of the hottest movie directors in the industry around the world and has made some great films like “The Dark Knight” and “Inception”, his latest work failed to reach the level that his previous works archived in my humble opinion. The weakest point of the film is the disappointing character of the enemy of Batman. Without Heath Ledger, Nolan had to give up on the ‘Joker’ character and create a new character. The result is ‘Bane’, who came from an underground prison and argued that he tried to liberate the people of Gotham City. This character looks like a heroic revolutionary leader of the 3rd world or ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. Bane’s purpose is surely different from that of ‘Joker’ because Joker only wanted to create chaos in Gotham City for fun. But Bane’s actions and intentions are getting confused as he obsesses about a neutron bomb to blow up the city. His contradictory actions resulted from the director’s obsession with giving the movie a unique twist. As a result, a character which could have been a fantastic one in the trilogy of Batman became an ordinary character. Also, the movie became just a normal action film just like ‘Die Hard’ revoking an old-fashioned patriotism.